onsdag den 11. maj 2011

Now with pictures

And that is, what we all like to look at, right?
here is a picture of the dress I needed to sew for my daughter. There was supposes to be a invisible zipper in it, but I changed my mind as the fabric used is stretchy.
She was a princess for shrovetide - theres is a white belt for the dress too, forgot to take pictures of that. Next time I make this kind of dress, I will attach the belt, as it kept slipping up her chest.
And the fabric!!! god it was horrible to work with, very slippery. I don't know the english name for it, but directly tranlated it's nervous velvet. Maybe it would have been easier with a pfaff and its walking foot.
the sleeves are gathered with layers but it is not very visible, so much work for nothing.
It's my first dress ever to sew, so I'm pretty pleased with it.

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