mandag den 18. maj 2009

My first log

This is my first log on my first blog. I'm planning it to be about my progress in my sewing adventures.
I'm inspired by the many blogs I read, and maybe you'll be the same from my blog.

I have just startet sewing 1 month ago, when I bought my first machine, a bernina bernette 92.

My first project was linen for my daughter:

No pattern was used, just made it from the head. I made it with buttons and buttonholes all on the machine. Wonderfull easy - it would never have been made by hand.

Next a summerhat for her made from this free pattern from OTTOBRE. It's not in english, nor swedish. It's german

and last a pair of pants in a wonderful yellow luxury velour. There will be pictures of them later on along with information where I've got the pattern from.

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